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ARTER, ISTANBUL 4-7.05.2023

You are invited to our weekend program (6-7 May) organized within the fifth border_less ARTBOOK DAYS event hosted by Arter Contemporary Art Museum!


Under the program's title "The Impact of Archival Photos on the Contemporary Photobook"; we will hold a speech lectur, a workshop event and a book and zine sale. Find the full program information and workshop application link on this page. You can reach us at for your questions and more information.

6 may, sat.

guest speaker Judit Gellér PhD (HU)

program language english

duration 1 hour

there is no attendance limitation on this event.

7 may, sun. 14:00

workshop program by izole team

mentor Judit Gellér PhD (HU)

program language turkish/english

duration 2-3 hours

this workshop is for maximum 12 people. Participants who has registered beforehand will be prioritized.

"The Impact of Archival Photos on the Contemporary Photobook"

                       -examples from Hungary

The lecture begins with a few theoretical questions and an introduction to historical events on how archival photos, especially vernacular photographs emerged into the world of art by appropriation. While the research on private photos enjoyed its golden age in the 1980s, it was only around the turn of the millennium that the study of private photos, personal memory, and the artists’ reflections on these phenomena, the so-called artistic uses of archives – including the use of photo archives– became more prominent in Hungary. And what is one of the most adequate forms to present these artworks? Of course, it’s the photobook.


Viewing the archival photobook examples on the showcase table.


Speech lecture: "Impact of Archival Photos on the Contemporary Photobook" by Judit Gellér PhD (HU)


Question and Answer moderated by izole

*the audience will be able to ask questions in Turkish and English


“Phone Gallery as the Archive”

                 -Photo-zine making workshop

"Phone Gallery as the Archive" workshop was designed as the practical part of the program. Participants will use their phone galleries as an archive to create a photo-zine. The directions provided will lead the participants to create a story-telling zine using snapshots taken with their phones. During the workshop, participants will be able to consult the curator Judit Gellér for her guidance and references. The workshop, open to all kinds of participants, from amateur to professional, is designed for those who have a fanzine project idea before and anyone who has not done a fanzine before. Participants can choose from the topics offered by izole, or they can produce new themes according to their own ideas. The participants will be able to learn: the process of choosing photographs from archive, story telling through images, photographic layouting, zine folding techniques, and conceptualizing ideas into artworks.

For more information and registiration go to the application form

Participant Requirements:

1. Personal mobile phone and its charger.

2. Photos made on the participant's mobile gallery to be used on the photo-zine.

3. If the participants wish to, the photos printed out to be used in the workshop. (maximum A5 size) otherwise the photos can be printed during the workshop.

4. It is not necessary to attend the speech on saturday in order to participate in the workshop. But it is recommended for the efficiency of the workshop.

Participation is free of charge. The participation fee for the workshop, which is the continuation of the program, is 100 TL.

The participation fee is 100 TL and will be collected in cash or transfer before the workshop starts.

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Eszter Biro-theRecipeBook2.png


Ádám Urbán, Chance. The Juvenile Detention Center Aszód

Agnes Eperjesi, Family Album

Ashkan Noroozkhani, GREEN-BLUE THEN GREY

Bóka Krisztina, Sleeping beauty

Eszter Biró, the Recipe Book

Éva Szombat, I Want Orgasms Not Roses

Gábor Arion Kudász, Human

Gáspár Risko, Passport

Jürgen Bürgin, PUNCH - A VISUAL STORY.

Kieselbach Gallery, YouHU!

Lajos Csonto, Dog Year 2020

Vass Norbert, Kupakoskifli

Zoltan Tombor, Light Therapy


Adél Koleszár, Only have faith & New routes of faith

Anna Ádám, with the tip of my tounge

Andrea Ausztrics, Family Events & Lake Balaton

Áron Huszlicska, Mózes Mihály, World War 3 & Tipo Tippek

Eszter Sz., Zoé N., Tamara T., Haibó I., Érsek L., Esther M., Sara P., Agnes M. B., It used to be easy

Eszti Kondász, Cat-zine

Imi Harangozó, Ymylap

Izabella Szabó, Bloom

Legát Anna Franciska, Hellish Eden


Lakatos Kata, Dérczy Abigéllel és Nagy Georgina, I had the time of my life

Bakos Barna, Shadow People

Zabella Zine,10&11th issue

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