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‘Providing an experience of diverse arts and creativity events’ is the izole mission.

In izole events every visitor, artist and contributor is involved in an harmonic atmosphere. Our main vision is to break the patterns of the conventional event-making process by bringing interactivity between the artists and the audience.The izole team focuses on a unique synthesis of events for visual arts, music and international cuisine through combinations of fair-like exhibitions, artist talks, workshops, and live performances. Besides event organization, izole aims to introduce creatives to a diverse audience for networking. We work as a collective to step out of everyday routine, All Together.

Our  Values

all around arts and creativity


izole events are accessible through the familiar venues in the city. We appear in downtown venues with a unique event-planning approach. As an open-door community, we provide opportunities for collaboration and participation.

Safe Self-Expression

Diversity is key to us. From the exhibited materials to the audience or participants, we embrace a diverse environment. Our diversity policy empowers all the possible applications and collaborations for our future events. By bringing together artists and audiences from different ecoles and backgrounds, we aim to overcome the accustomed arts events.


Through our events, social media usage, and emailing groups izole performs as a networking system as well. If you are an artist, audience, organiser, or venue manager feel free to fill out our form to be on our networking system. Let us know your skills or qualifications and how we can involve you in our network for possible collaborations, meetings, and more.

Gather with Creative and Innovative Minds

If you think you share our values, you are already one of us! Take one step further and register yourself in our network and be part of us!

As an artist, venue, or event organiser here is how to participate

We announce the event themes first. Then we reach out to you if you are a relevant contributor. Or you can simply fill out this form to be in our participant network. (link)


so far we've collaborated with


For more information contact us via 
or Facebook or Instagram.

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