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Our positions for the "Art in Book Form" Festival 2024 Istanbul are open for application! Read the role descriptions and requirements before application and write to us if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have a different role offer or a volunteership send us an inquiry and introduce yourself! 

Meet the Team

Our Team


Co-Founder & Organizer

I am Cansu from izole, so-called the anti-hero behind the idea. In izole, I take part in running social media, communications, and event-making. I have various interests in creative areas so I try to represent the voice of the audience during our event curations.

I am known for my repertoire of pop culture and music playlists, and also for my passion for art movies. Currently attending a film school and writing a script.


Animator & Event Volunteer

I'm Eszter, animator and illustrator. I made the izole logo move and sometimes I also help moving objects out of the way at the events. 

My best skill is getting blocked from social media platforms for drawing butts. 

My dream is to animate music videos, so hit me up if the previous sentence convinced you. :--)


Founder & Curator

It's idil (viddle as some call) and I make sure all the operations run smooth in izole with my partner in crime. When I have creative blocks, I switch to curating mode and it does the magic. 

A good skill I have is the chaos management and the worse one is that I enjoy it. I would make sure all goes to the plan with a hint of party at the end. 

I love it when we work collectively in izole and expand our minds and creativity. And well, I don't really believe in the "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" question.


Exhibition & Venue Designer

I take part in Izole’s PR works and planning of event organisations happening in Istanbul. As a product designer, I love exhibitions that allow a distinctive experience - I design the exhibitions in  Istanbul with the same approach.


The most fun for me is being in a creative environment -surrounded with nature would be a perfect influence- and creating together. 


I’m not entirely a nostalgic person - but I miss walking around with a map in hand. I’m great at mapping a foreign area even when its the first time being there.


To get to know my artwork admirations, especially the ones with a take on the present society, feminist works from the 60s and 70s, take a look at Barbara Kruger’s works. I have to mention my admire for the spacial installations that make you think of the subtext and the labour behind it such as Olafur Eliasson’s, Agnes Denes’ and Christo & Jeanne Claude’s works.


Curator & Festival Coordinator

Fırat here, known as Fıro the Press Release Hunter. I’m doing curatorial work around here
and there as I don’t want to be an artist (or do I?!). Trying to live up to the typical curator
/slash/ art writer combo, occasionally.

Currently based in the chaotic mess of a city, Istanbul and my competitive hobby here is
gallery hopping as I see it as a derivative marathon (well I’m something of a sportsman

You can rely on me with the art world version of the ‘spider sense’ as I’m trying to witness
every collective effort happening around the scene and monitor their impact on established
power structures.


Graphic Desginer &Volunteer

I'm NT, izole's collaborator at art markets. During events, I help out with some of Izole's graphic designs. I’m the one and only graphic designer you'll ever need... unless you need someone who can juggle flaming pineapples while Photoshopping a unicorn riding a motorcycle.


After finishing my master's program, I hope to work as a lecturer in the design industry and organize my own exhibition.


Translator and Zine Curator

I'm Julcsi, I've started helping the izole team with translating and copy writing in the beginning. And then I had the honor to cooperate with them in making a zine-collection for the Artbooks Days in Istanbul. 

I grew up in the countryside with a dalmatian dog, and I moved to Budapest for studying.  Now I work as a journalist, so maybe it's not a big surprise that I love reading and writing. I am a big fan of zines, I create literary issues with a friend and I try to support this scene wherever I travel. 


here are our long term positions in izole. apply for a longer collaboration with our team.

longer term positions
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